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Audiology is a branch of science which deals with the study of hearing, balance and related disorders through tests and treatment.

At ASI Audiology, Matthew Walker, AuD manages the hearing healthcare for thousands of people in Iowa and Nebraska. Below is a list of services provided by ASI Audiology at Myrtue Medical Center in Harlan, Iowa.

Physical ear exams: we will inspect your ears for causes of hearing loss, including earwax, possible infections or holes, and foreign objects.

Speech Screening: Your ability to hear is linked to your ability to understand, but they are not the same. We conduct a variety of speech tests to measure how well you can communicate.

Audiometer testing: Our medical professionals will conduct a full set of audiometric tests covering the sounds you perceive annually. These tests provide measurable information on your individual hearing and gives us the data we need to help you hear the way you should.

Aural Rehabilitation: Many people wait far too long to address hearing loss, limiting our ability to provide results. We counsel patients to create the best path forward, no matter the degree of their hearing loss.

Tinnitus Relief: Tinnitus or a “ringing in the ears” can be relieved through the use of special hearing devices and music. If you suffer from tinnitus, we can help improve your quality of life and alleviate symptoms.

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