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Patients + Visitors

Myrtue Medical Center offers private and semi-private rooms. Selection of your room is dependent upon your reason for admission and room availability. A Comfort Suite is also available for terminally ill patients or patients with special needs and their families.

Call Button

When you need assistance, push the call button near your bed and a member of the nursing team will assist you as soon as possible.

Hospital Patient Registration

Registration for emergency patients, inpatients, outpatient surgery, and outpatient testing or therapy takes place at the Myrtue Medical Center Emergency/Admitting Entrance desk located on the ground floor. Registration for outpatients utilizing one of the hospital’s outpatient clinics takes place at the Specialty Clinic Desk, located on the first floor. After your arrival, admission personnel will visit with you. Please present your insurance card at the time of registration.


Patients on general and restricted diets may select food from the daily menu. The hospital dietician works closely with your primary care provider on nutrition therapy and care. If a special diet is continued after discharge from the hospital, the dietitian will instruct you on the management of your diet.


Patient rooms and hospital departments can be reached by dialing the four-digit extension number. To make a local call outside the hospital, dial “9”, listen for the dial tone, then dial the desired number. To make a long-distance call, dial “9-0” to reach an outside operator. Long-distance calls must be billed to your home phone or credit card.


Color televisions in each room receive programming on channels 2 through 78 with the exception of a few specialty channels. There will be cable line up listings available to you in your room.

Visiting Hours

There are usually no restrictions on visiting hours.

Overnight Visits

If desired, family may stay overnight in the patient’s room. Please notify a member of the nursing care team if you wish to stay overnight. Cots and recliners are provided at no cost on a first request basis.

Smoking Policy

For the health of our patients, visitors, and employees, smoking is not permitted on the Medical Center campus.

Disabled Access

Disabled persons are provided parking and barrier-free access to all areas in Myrtue Medical Center.


Visitor parking is available in the hospital parking lot on Garfield Avenue and the clinic parking lot on Chatburn Avenue.

Lost & Found

If you lose something during your stay here, please contact your nurse. If you don’t discover it until you have gone home, please call Administration at 755.4316.