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Pediatricians are primary care doctors who specialize in the health and treatment of infants, children, adolescents and young adults from birth to age 21. Specialized training gives a pediatrician an in-depth understanding of children’s health needs, behavioral issues and the growth and development of a child’s body. A pediatrician can give you advice, prevent illness, monitor developmental milestones and help you foster a healthy lifestyle for your child.

8 Questions to Ask Your Pediatrician at Well-Child Visits

  1. Is my child’s development and growth appropriate for his/her age?
  2. Does my child need any shots today? What do these vaccines protect against?
  3. What is the most appropriate car seat based on my child’s current age and size?
  4. What infectious diseases are going around at this time? What is the best way to protect my child?
  5. How can I help my child make healthy food choices?
  6. How can I make sure my child is getting enough physical activity?
  7. How much sleep should my child be getting at this age and stage of development?
  8. Ask about any specific concerns you have, such as allergies/asthma, puberty, potty-training, etc.

Myrtue’s pediatrician, Dr. Sarah Devine, has been with Myrtue for 16 years and takes pride in exceptional patient care. In her practice, she loves taking care of children and seeing the dynamic personalities of each child. Dr. Devine strives to create a partnership with parents to find the best possible way to care for the whole child physically, socially and emotionally. Dr. Devine also specializes in internal medicine.

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