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Substance Abuse Services

Specially trained professionals offer support for those struggling with substance abuse issues. These services will not only offer you tools to become and stay sober, but will also support you in building a more fulfilling life without reliance or dependence on substances.

Recovery Starts Here

  • Co-occurring treatment that fully integrates issues of addiction, mental health, and trauma
  • Evidence-based Individual and group therapy
  • Personalized recovery planning to meet your unique needs

Integrated Treatment for Substance Abuse and Mental Health

Utilizing evidenced-based practices, we provide treatment that supports the whole person. The individualized treatment plan will address issues of addiction recovery as well as challenges related to mental health or trauma that may be contributing to substance abuse.

A therapist will work with each person to set-up a treatment schedule that will include a weekly recovery-focused therapy group and individual therapy. The core group will not only focus on issues specifically related to addiction; it will also incorporate involvement from other Behavioral Health staff to provide understanding and tools related to topics such as mental health medications and the impact of trauma. Treatment may also include other groups at Behavioral Health such as the Movement Therapy Group to address stored stress and trauma in the body, or the Starting Point Therapy Group to build core coping strategies.

Recovery Group Meets on Thursdays at 1 PM

Begin with a Substance Abuse Evaluation

Completing a substance abuse evaluation is the first step in the treatment process. Our comprehensive evaluations are used to determine individual needs and the possible course of treatment.

Substances Abuse Recovery Group Topics

  • The Cycle of Addiction
  • Dealing with Guilt and Shame
  • Mindfulness for Beginners
  • Medications and Recovery
  • Implicit Memories & Beliefs
  • Values
  • The Anatomy of Trust
  • Distress Tolerance
  • Working with the Body in Recovery
  • Healthy Relationships
  • Communication Styles
  • Relapse Prevention

Talk to your therapist or call 712.755.5056 to learn more!

OWI Evaluations

Myrtue Behavioral Health is contracted with the Department of Transportation (DOT) to provide substance abuse evaluations and treatment for individuals who have lost their noncommercial license due to an OWI charge. The fee for this services, which is set by the DOT, is $125.

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