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We have specially trained professionals that offer both individual and group support for those struggling with drug and alcohol issues. This program will not only offer you tools to become and stay sober but will also support you in building a more fulfilling life without reliance or dependence on substances. You are able to download and/or print off the Substance Abuse brochure by clicking here.

Substance Abuse Evaluation

Completing a substance abuse evaluation is the first step in the treatment process. These can be done as a result of a court order or simply because a person is interested in engaging in some sort of substance abuse treatment. Our comprehensive evaluations are used to determine individual needs and possible course of treatment.

OWI Evaluations

We are contracted with the Department of Transportation (DOT) to provide substance abuse evaluations and treatment for individuals who have lost their noncommercial license due to an OWI charge. The fee for this services, which is set by the DOT, is $125.

Substance Abuse Treatment

We offer treatment options throughout the week as part of our substance abuse program. The Extended Outpatient Program (EOP) includes up to four hours of treatment per week, both in the form of group and individual sessions. Overall participation in this program could run anywhere from three to six months, based on individual progress.

The Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP) requires a minimum of nine hours of group per week. Individual sessions may be added, should it be deemed clinically necessary. Our Intensive Outpatient Program runs for 12 weeks, based on individual progress, and is subject to insurance approval.

Utilizing evidenced-based practices, we also provide individual therapy that is catered to those who struggle with both mental health and substance abuse issues.

Substance Abuse Staff

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