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The Department of Diagnostic Imaging's goal is to provide quality diagnostic imaging to help you receive proper care and treatment. We take pride in what we do and the excellent customer service we offer. We are proud to be a part of your healthcare needs.

Digital radiography is essentially filmless x-ray images that can be obtained and viewed in seconds. Multiple images can be taken on a patient without moving the equipment. This technology exposes the patient to a lower radiation dose. Diagnoses can be determined earlier because images are immediately available for the practitioner to view. We also have a portable digital radiography machine that is used in the emergency room, on the medical/surgical floor, in surgery and on the maternity floor. Digital technology is especially useful in these areas because the images are immediately available for the practitioner to view without leaving the patient’s bedside.

The department performs a wide range of studies that include:

To schedule an appointment with Diagnostic Imaging, call us directly at 712.755.4330.

Our Staff

Our staff have received the proper education and certifications to provide you with high quality exams. We have radiologic technologists and ultrasound sonographers on staff to provide your imaging needs. We also have a front desk receptionist to greet you upon your arrival.

(L to R): Keri Sonderman, Daci Harding, Angie James, Patti Olsen, Tara Kelley, Faissal Wahab, McKayla Aschinger, Ashley Boysen, Colette Plagman, Anne White, and Katelyn Long

"The staff provided friendly, fast, and professional service. They explained everything very well and were very considerate and kind when answering all my questions. It was a perfect experience and I feel most safe to return in the future." -Past Patient


You will receive two separate bills for your radiology exam.

One will arrive from Myrtue Medical Center for your test and one will arrive from Radiology Consultants for the reading of your exam. Any questions regarding your bill can be directed toward the following numbers:

  • Myrtue Medical Center Billing Department: 712.755.4324
  • Radiology Consultants: 877.206.1655