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Myrtue Medical Center releases an annual newsletter, Health Matters, highlighting current events, updates, changes, and patient experiences. Read our past publications below.

Spring 2022 - Every Second Counts

Every Second Counts

Our spring 2022 newsletter goes over a wide variety of topics: Orthopedics, heart health, signs of a stroke, Myrtue's Birthing Center, our current health clinic providers, and much more.

Click here to read our 2022 publication, Every Second Counts.

  • Pg. 2: Barry Jacobsen, CEO, overview
  • Pg. 2-3: Surviving a Stroke: Myrtue's Telestroke Technology
  • Pg. 4: From My heart...
  • Pg. 5: Are You At Risk of a Cardiac Event? A Simple Heart Scan Could Save Your Life.
  • Pg. 6-7: Petersen Family Wellness Center
  • Pg. 8-9: Myrtue's Miller Orthopedic Team: Serving Your Orthopedic Needs Right Here at Home!
  • Pg. 10-11: Lifesaving Decisions: Who Does Your Heart Beat For?
  • Pg. 12-13: Get to Know Your Healthcare Teams!
  • Pg. 14: Your Care Teams
  • Pg. 15: Myrtue's Birthing Center

Fall 2019 - Myrtue Physical Therapy Serves Those Who Serve Our Country


Our fall 2019 publication goes over many new services being offered in our community: Senior Life Solutions and our expansion or our OB services.

Click here to read our 2019 publication, Myrtue Physical Therapy Serves Those Who Serve Our Country.

  • Pg. 2-3: Harlan Marine Battles Adversity, Never Gives Up
  • Pg. 4-5: Give Your Mental Well-Being A Boost
  • Pg. 6-7: A Labor of Love: Labor and Delivery at Myrtue Medical
  • Pg. 8: Friendly and Professional Care Makes Double Hip Replacement More than Worth it
  • Pg. 9: Schaben Swinging Hard and Moving on
  • Pg. 10: The Journey to Recovery doesn't have to be Traveled Alone
  • Pg. 11: Senior Life Solutions: Meeting the Needs of Older Adults

Spring 2018 - Back on the Slopes After Hip Replacement


Our spring 2018 publication includes Q&A's with our general surgeon, out 2018 medical staff, and the new free web-based service MyChart!

Click here to read our 2019 publication, Back on the Slopes after Hip Replacement.

  • Pg. 1 & 3: Back on the Slopes after Hip Replacement
  • Pg. 2: Barry Jacobsen, CEO, overview
  • Pg. 2: Q&A with Dr. David Bendorf, MMC General Surgeon
  • Pg. 4: Hit the Ground Running
  • Pg. 5: Myrtue Medical Center Medical Staff
  • Pg. 6: 3D Mammography makes it's Way to Myrtue Medical
  • Pg. 7: Myrtue Awarded Top 100 CAH For Seventh Year in a Row
  • Pg. 7: Self Care... Avoid the Breaking Point
  • Pg. 7: Myrtue Behavioral Health Department
  • Pg. 8: Rehab Launches Balance and Fall Prevention Program
  • Pg. 9: Meeting All Your Sports & Ortho Rehab Needs Right here in Harlan
  • Pg. 10-11: MyChart