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Pregnancy and childbirth are some of life’s biggest moments. It’s natural to feel both excited and anxious during this time, but rest assured that you are not in this alone. At the Myrtue Medical Birthing Center, our entire team comes together to give mothers, children, and families the support, education, and assistance they need. If you would like to print out our brochure - click here.

From your first prenatal visit to your childbirth preparation classes, we are with you every step of the way. We encourage you to contact us today to schedule a tour of our birthing center. Also, check out our FAQs page to read our welcome letter and to find answers to many of our most asked questions. See for yourself why so many families chose Myrtue Medical Center as their dedicated partner through pregnancy and childbirth.

Birthing Center Top Features:

If you would like to schedule a tour or if you have any questions, please contact our Birthing Center Director, Michele Monson, BSN, RNC-OB, by calling 712.755.4299 or by emailing her at

A Warm, Comfortable Birthing Environment

When the big day arrives, patients are given a private room to deliver their baby and start forming their bond with the newest member of the family. A team of physicians and nurses are ready to deliver family-centered care and are here to help you with whatever you need. Our staff of nurses is known for providing exceptional, dedicated care to each patient. They will know your name and strive to provide you with a truly personalized birthing experience. Take a tour of our birthing center online by clicking here.

Each woman’s labor is unique and for this reason, we offer a variety of pain management options:

Pain Management Options for Labor and Delivery Printable Brochure

Meet Our Nursing Staff

Back row (L to R): Courtney Pritchard, Jennifer Bond-Buman, Ally Jorgensen, Megan Olson, and Lanette Peterson
Middle row (L to R): Cheryl Juhl, Megan Gettys, Britni Wright, Michelle Daly, Elizabeth Gross, and Lisa Beck
Front row (L to R): Michele Monson, BSN, RNC-OB, Birthing Center Director, Catie Ehlert, Heather Bruck, and Emily Raney

"The nurses went above and beyond to make sure we were taken care of. This is my second baby that I have delivered here. In the midst of the pandemic, the staff did everything to make things as normal, comfortable, and special as they could. Each nurse and medical practitioner communicated well with us and with each other. It was a very positive experience that has blessed our family incredibly." - Past Patient

Obstetrics + Genecology (OB/GYN)

Dr. Kelly Anderson, DO, devotes her time and attention to her patients in order to walk them through what to expect during each prenatal visit and stage of their pregnancy. She is very hands-on and loves to teach and guide her patients through their journey. Dr. Anderson takes a genuine individual interest in each of her patients' labor, delivery, and post-partum course.

Dr. Anderson joined Myrtue's team in September of 2020. She served as Chief Resident Physician at McLaren Macomb Hospital in Mount Clemens, Michigan before coming to Harlan.

Find more information on Dr. Anderson by clicking here.


Dr. Sarah Devine, MD, is passionate about caring for infants. She enjoys watching them grow, thrive, and reach their milestones. She also enjoys answering new parents' questions about their child. Dr. Devine takes an active role in your child's healthcare needs.

Dr. Devine was born at Myrtue Medical Center and grew up in the Harlan community. She brings diversity to our medical team by specializing in internal medicine and pediatrics.

Find more information on Dr. Devine by clicking here.


We observe quiet time from 2 PM to 4 PM every day on the Birthing Center floor so mothers and babies can bond and rest in a peaceful environment. We encourage visitors to arrange different hours to visit the new little one.

One thing we like to remind all expectant parents and visitors is the importance of washing hands. Newborns are still developing their immune system, so you should always wash your hands before touching a new baby and avoid kissing them on the face. Even a small cold for an adult can turn into a serious health concern for a baby.

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