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Breastfeeding Information

Breastfeeding provides the ideal nutrition for your baby’s growth and development. But, as with most things in life, it can present its own challenges from time to time. We’re here to help! Myrtue Medical Center’s Internationally Board Certified Lactation Consultant (IBCLC), Cara Cacy, is here to answer your breastfeeding questions and help you establish a rewarding mother/infant breastfeeding experience. She is available both before and after your child is born to help you get your breastfeeding journey off to a great start.

To schedule a prenatal or newborn visit with our lactation consultant, call 712.755.4482 or email You can also talk with your OB provider to arrange a visit!

Lactation Consultant

Cara Cacy

Cara Cacy, IBCLC

Internationally Board Certified Lactation Consultant

Myrtue Medical Center’s internationally board certified lactation consultant (IBCLC) provides prenatal, hospital, and post-partum breastfeeding education and support.

Contact Information: 712.755.4482 |

Cara's Welcome Letter

Consultation Services Include:

  • Personalized instruction and support
  • Advice on correct latching and positioning and how to tell baby is getting enough
  • Assistance in selecting the appropriate pumping system for your needs
  • Support for breastfeeding difficulties – milk production, latching, poor baby weight gain, etc.
  • Additional community support resources
  • Encouragement and continued follow-up as you work toward your breastfeeding goals

Additional Resources From Cara:

Cara is also a Certified Child Passenger Safety Technician and can provide FREE car seat checks during prenatal visits. Check out Myrtue's Car Seat Safety + Check webpage. Car seat checks are recommended to be performed before you give birth to your newborn(s).

Do you have an over supply of breast milk? Learn how to become an Iowa Milk Donor!

We Want to Hear from You - Leave Cara a Review!

Have you been a patient of Cara's in the past? If so, we would love to hear from you! Leave her a review by scanning the QR code below or by clicking here.

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"Cara is absolutely amazing! Everytime I contacted her, she had a quick response time and was able to get my son and I in the same day for a consultation. Her personality is bubbly and outgoing, which made my consultation that much more relaxing and not awkward. She was able to make minor adjustments to my babies head position which made his latch much more easy. Within 24hrs, our feedings were night and day difference, and we were on the right path to getting him back up to birth weight. After my consult, my anxiety was relieved and I had the confidence to continue. Our community is very lucky to have her for our breastfeeding consultant!"

"I met with Cara prenatally at 30 weeks. You can tell she is a very passionate and knowledgeable lactation consultant. She gave me so much information, which was all included in a folder so my pregnancy brain wouldn't forget any of it. I won't meet with her again until I have my baby in October, but having this consult before delivery made me feel more confident about my abilities and breastfeeding goals after delivery. Thank you, Cara! Can't wait to see you after I have my baby boy."

All About Breastfeeding:

Learning about breastfeeding and seeing if it is right for you and your baby is important. Find many resources in the following links:

Breastfeeding FAQs:

Pumping Support and Supplies:

Videos and Demonstrations:

Breastfeeding and Medications:

  • Mother To Baby: Quick, easy-to-understand information on 250+ medications/substances and how they may impact pregnancy or breastfeeding
  • Breastfeeding Network: breastfeeding and medications - is it safe?
  • E-Lactancia: check the compatibility of breastfeeding with:
    • Prescriptions
    • Over the Counter Medications
    • Illnesses
    • Environmental Contaminates
    • Medical Procedures (CT, X-rays, Anesthesia)
  • Infant Risk Center: Up-to-date knowledge on the safety of medications for all nursing mothers
    • Common Medications while Breastfeeding (for Mom)
    • COVID-19 Vaccinations While Breastfeeding (for Mom)

Infant Risk Hotline: 1.806.352.2519 | Monday - Friday 8 AM to 5 PM For parents and medical professionals to call and discuss specific medicines, diseases, and exposures during breastfeeding.

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