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Community Health Needs Assessment

Shelby County Public Health along with the Shelby County Board of Health, Board of Supervisors, Myrtue Medical Center and other community providers need your help in learning more about the health and specific needs of Shelby County residents. This information will be used to develop plans for future health improvements to the community.

Myrtue Medical Center and Myrtue’s Public Health Department, in partnership with community organizations, schools and business representatives, use this feedback to prioritize plans to increase awareness, expand health and wellness services, increase access and engage the community.

Promoting Population Health

Myrtue Medical Center is committed to promoting population health among the communities we serve. The following Community Health Improvement Plan is a comprehensive approach to assessing Shelby County’s health and developing an action plan for improvements. A Community Health Improvement plan has two parts: a Community Health Needs Assessment (CHNA) and a Health Improvement Plan (HIP).

External Data was collected through surveys and a community forum to establish ideas on current Shelby County health needs and ways for Myrtue Medical Center to meet them. Various representatives of community organizations, school and business representatives and community residents were involved in the Community Health Forum. Internal data was collected through multiple hospital meetings involving employees, Med Staff, Board of Trustees and Senior Administration.

Myrtue Medical Center has prioritized the following strategic issues in order to improve health and wellness services within the communities we serve.

Mental Health possible objectives:

  • Depression and Suicide Risk Screening for all age groups in primary care setting. Include alcohol and drug screening/depression/suicide screenings. Includes enhanced training for RHC staff.
  • Increase Access to services: to include decreasing stigmatization of mental health; increasing workplace EAP services, expansion of behavioral health space/integrate into the clinic setting and decreasing isolation of elderly population
  • Expand mental health promotion activities in child care and school settings.

Social Determinants of Health:

  • Access to Healthy food
  • Transportation access for medical care--education to public to learn Medicaid system; market community resources better; expand coupon system that provide SWITA rides to clinics and other health care services.
  • Promote lead testing and lead education to reduce long-term poisoning implications in at-risk children.
  • Marketing events to ensure that all community members are welcomed.

Physical Activity:

  • Interventions to increase active travel to school
  • Bike paths, walking school bus, etc.
  • Increase access to activity monitors for overweight or obese individuals--HCP
  • Provide opportunities, education, and support to help people stay active as people age.

Health Education:

  • Diabetes education--prediabetes education and screening
  • Tobacco use including vaping
  • Explore best practices to share health education in the community including the digital nation and interactive communication.
  • CHF/CV Disease education opportunities including HTN.
  • Consider a blog to post monthly educational information from HCP and content experts. Include quarterly newsletter.

Health Improvement Plan

Click here to see our progress report for the Community Health Improvement Plan 2023-2026.