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DAISY Award Recipients

We are honored to highlight our past DAISY award recipients. Whether it is helping a patient stay feel "at home," or helping a Spanish-speaking patient feel most comfortable when learning about their care, these nurses are truly extraordinary.

Amy Hendricks, RN | Spring 2022

Amy is a perioperative nurse in Myrtue's Surgery department.

A recent surgery patient had the following to say about the care she received with Amy as her nurse:

"Amy was very kind and made sure I was comfortable and understood what was going on at all times. She calmed my anxiety and was very very nice, she made me feel safe and comfortable. Amy had a great bedside manner, was knowledgeable, and took her position as a nurse very seriously, doing everything she needed to do in a professional caring way – I was glad I had her on the team the morning of my surgery."

Amy has received a total of six nominations since Myrtue began participation with the DAISY foundation in the spring of 2019. Some of her other nominations spoke about how helpful and understanding Amy has been to her patients. Many patients are scared and uncertain when going into surgery, and Amy has helped her patients feel calm and cared for at Myrtue's facility. Congratulations Amy!

Caitlyn Becker, RN | Fall 2021

Caitlyn is a Nursing Supervisor at Myrtue.

Caitlyn is a leader who will go above and beyond for the patients she cares for and the staff she works with. Recently, Caitlyn answered a call from a patient's wife who was having difficulty with her husband's BiPAP machine. The husband had recently been discharged from the hospital and needed BiPAP during the night. After trying to talk the wife through the connections and operations of the machine, the wife was still having difficulty. Caitlyn then decided to go to the patient's home on her break to troubleshoot the issue. In the end, the BiPAP machine did not work and Caitlyn followed up with the home health agency and assured that the patient was seen the next day with new equipment. Caitlyn takes accountability for making sure there are no loose ends in inpatient care.

She has experience in many areas of nursing and is also flexible and adaptable. The same night as the BiPAP machine issue, she delivered a baby in the OB department an unexpectedly quick delivery. Her leadership and experience are a huge asset to the nursing team, especially when anything can happen during a shift and these situations require a cool head and quick thinking. One of her coworkers said of her, “You were so calm. I couldn’t even tell you were about to deliver that baby!”

These examples are only a couple of snapshots of the times Caitlyn has displayed compassionate care for her patients and co-workers. She is a nursing leader who will stop at nothing to do what is right for her patients. Her care goes beyond the hospital walls as she also volunteers on the Avoca Rescue Squad. Caitlyn is all around a service-oriented, kind, and caring nurse. She is a well-chosen DAISY Award recipient. Congratulations Caitlyn!

Deb Busing, RN | Spring 2021

Deb is Dr. Erlbacher's pod nurse in the Rural Health Clinic.

Deb was nominated for the DAISY Award by the daughter of two current patients. The nomination read, Deb is always welcoming whenever the patients come in for their visits and this helps them feel like they are not just "another patient". She also explains how Deb is always prepared by reviewing their records beforehand and has everything updated in the systems. Another reason the daughter thought Deb would be the perfect honoree was because of how helpful Deb was when the father started to see his primary care provider as his VA provider. The family wasn't familiar with this process and Deb helped them every step of the way. Lastly, the daughter states how Deb makes calls to the family, sometimes way past her normal working hours, to follow up on issues and visits. She continually goes above and beyond in so many ways and does so much more than what we even see. Congratulations Deb!

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Staci Musich, RN | Fall 2020

Staci is a Nurse Navigator in the Specialty Clinic. She helps with assessing patients, providing education, expediting care, and being the point of contact for the patient, family, and multidisciplinary team.

Staci was nominated by a past patient, who had recently gone through a knee replacement, daughter. The patient and her daughter didn't realize how much preparation had to be done before surgery like this one, and they stated Staci was there to help and answer any questions from the first day. Staci also helped calm all nerves and stress that was occurring before, during, and after the surgery. She took her time explaining every little detail and was very patient when the patient's daughter had to translate all the information because the patient is only Spanish speaking. Staci made the patient feel comfortable and special, and she felt cared for. Congratulations Staci!

Macie Ferguson, RN | Spring 2020

Macie is a nurse in the Med/Surg Department.

Macie was nominated by a past patient who she took care of after a knee replacement in November of 2019. The patient enjoyed how Macie immediately introduced herself after walking into the room and made them feel "at home" during their stay at the hospital. The patient had just moved to Harlan and didn't know many people within the community, and Macie had made them feel like they had been here their whole life. The patient also exclaimed how Macie went above and beyond during her shift and always made sure they were comfortable before leaving at the end of her shift. The patient enjoyed how Macie connected with them, asking about family, children, and hobbies. The patient appreciated Macie very much. They have never had a nurse go out of their way to make their stay at a hospital that comfortable. Congratulations Macie!

Deb McNeese, RN | Fall 2019

Deb is a nurse in the Med/Surg Department.

After a patient spent 9+ days in the hospital, the patient's daughter dominated Deb for the DAISY Award due to Deb epitomizing Florence Nightingale's pledge by "maintaining and elevating the standards" of her profession and her "devoted service to human welfare". No matter the amount of work Deb had on her plate, she managed it all with a smile on her face and with a positive attitude. She routinely came in to check on the patient, even when the patient didn't put on their call light. Deb wanted to ensure that the patient felt safe, cared for, and content. Deb spoke to the patient and not at them, this led to the patient's daughter having respect and gratitude towards Deb. Congratulations Deb!

Nicole Ohlinger, RN, BSN | Spring 2019

Nicole is a nurse in the Emergency Department.

A provider at Myrtue Medical Center nominated Nicole for the DAISY Award. He stated Nicole did a fantastic job advocating for a patient. After a miscommunication with insurance providers, Nicole spent a great deal of time on the phone to make sure the patient was able to get their medication filled as soon as possible. Because Nicole put the patient first, and with her tenacity and persistence, the patient was able to pick up their medication for only 56 cents. The provider finished his nomination by stating he is "very thankful for the time and effort that she spent on this patient and we are very lucky to have a leader like Nicole working at Myrtue". Congratulations Nicole!