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Using sound waves to create images, ultrasound shows a real time view of the inside of the body.


Different exams require different preparations. You may be instructed to not eat or drink anything the night before your test. You may be instructed to arrive at your appointment with a very full bladder.

Important things to tell your technologist:

  • Symptoms you are having
  • Any previous exams of the area being tested
  • Any previous surgeries of the area being tested
  • If you are pregnant and the date of your last menstrual period

Some specific reasons this test may be used:

  • Abdominal disorders
  • Blood vessel problems
  • Cancer
  • Pelvic disorders
  • Check the health of your unborn baby

Note: The imaging staff is trained to acquire images for a radiologist to review. The radiologist is specially trained to look at x-ray studies and make a diagnosis off of them. The imaging staff is not fully trained to do so, therefore we will not be able to give you results at the time of your exam.

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