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Walk-in Groups Are a Helpful Starting Place for Mental Health

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Walk-in Groups Are a Helpful Starting Place for Mental Health

(Harlan) – Throughout Mental Health Awareness Month in the month of May, Myrtue Medical Center’s Behavioral Health has shared information and ideas with the understanding that all people have mental health and benefit from intentional self-care steps, such as connecting with supportive people, finding ways to rest and process experiences and emotions, and learning to recognize our own signs of stress.

In this final article this month of our series on mental health awareness, we are emphasizing how to connect with support when we are struggling. Remember, mental health refers to our brain and nervous system, expressed through thoughts, feelings, and behaviors. All people have mental health, and it is normal to have seasons of struggle where we would benefit from additional support. Groups are an accessible and helpful way to take the next step in caring for ourselves during a challenging time.

Behavioral Health has a new group service, led by mental health professionals, that helps area residents learn techniques to handle stress and manage challenges such anxiety and depression. This group is especially helpful as it is available on a walk-in basis with two options every week, Monday nights at 6 pm and Friday mornings at 9 am. If you recognize you are struggling, perhaps not enjoying the things you used to or having trouble letting go of difficult thoughts and emotions, this walk-in group is a perfect place to begin. The service is designed to give participants a basic understanding of stress and the body and equip them with key tools such a coping skills and plans to improve mood and reduce stress. For more information, call Behavioral Health at 712.755.5056.

Some area groups are peer led, meaning they are facilitated by those experiencing similar circumstances rather than a mental health professional. For example, loss is a universal experience that can significantly strain mental health. Area groups such as GriefShare, hosted by First Baptist Church in Harlan, can connect those in mourning with a supportive community and provide guidance in the grieving process. GriefShare is 13 weeks long, and the next group starts in September. Those interested can learn more by calling First Baptist Church at 712.755.2711. In addition, Myrtue Medical Center’s Community Health hosts a support group for those who have lost a spouse or partner, Lean Into Life, as well as a grief class through Myrtue Medical Center’s Hospice. More information is available by calling Myrtue’s Community Health at 712.755.4422. Recovery groups are another resource such as Alcoholics Anonymous and Narcotics Anonymous, with meeting information online at or MOPS, or Mother of Preschoolers, also offers peer support and encouragement with weekly gatherings, and more information is at their website at

To learn more about additional local options to support mental health, contact Myrtue Behavioral Health. Behavioral health offers comprehensive services as well as referrals to community resources. Call 712.755.5056 or visit