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Firework Safety: What You Need to Know to Stay Safe this Fourth of July

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fireworksThe Fourth of July is quickly approaching, bringing with it all of our favorite summertime activities…cookouts, pool parties and fireworks! Keep yourself and your family safe this year by following these tips.

  • Obey local laws. Before you grab your fireworks on the 4th, make sure you are aware of any local laws in your area. Many towns have different guidelines, so it’s a good idea to research your local laws and regulations before lighting off any fireworks.
  • Read the caution labels. Some fireworks work differently than others, even if they look similar. To avoid injury, make sure you read all important labels before lighting any fireworks.
  • Keep fireworks away from children. This may seem like a no-brainer, but kids are quick and things can get a little hectic during gatherings with friends and family. If your kids are of an age where some fireworks may be appropriate, you may want to start off with something that doesn’t shoot or fly off the ground. Always make sure there is a responsible adult around to supervise children while they are near fireworks.
  • Wear safety glasses. Fireworks can be fun to watch but if you are the one lighting them, it may be necessary to take some extra precautions. Wear protective eye gear to avoid injuries to your eyes while lighting fireworks.
  • Don’t try to re-light a firework. Duds happen. It’s very important to remember to never try to re-light a firework that didn’t work the first time. If you come across a firework that doesn’t light, leave it where it is for 20 minutes and then soak it in a bucket of water.
  • Dispose of fireworks properly. After the fun is over, you need to dispose of your used fireworks properly. Soak them in water and place them in a metal bin or trash can, away from any combustible materials. Let them sit for at least 24 hours.
  • Protect your pets: Our pets are part of our family, so it’s important to keep them safe as well. Make sure you never bring them to a firework show, even a small one. Keep them in a secure interior room of your home so they aren’t as exposed to the loud noises, and make sure they have their identification tags on them in case they run away.

Have a Happy and Safe 4th of July!

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