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Summer Swimsuit Color Safety

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  • Written By: Cydney Shriver
Summer Swimsuit Color Safety

As the warmer months approach quickly, it is vital to consider the potential risks linked to swimwear when your family is gearing up for some water fun. Every year in the US, an average of 3,500 people die from drowning; over 900 of them are children. Children account for one out of four drowning deaths. What is one way we can help keep our children safe around water? Make sure we are purchasing the correct colored swimwear when out shopping!

The Study

Alive Solutions, an aquatic safety-specialized company, conducted a test study to determine the visibility of various swimsuit colors in both pool and open water environments.

Their research revealed that bold, vivid colors like neon pink, orange, and yellow greatly improve visibility, aiding in monitoring children near water. On the other hand, they caution against using white, blue, black, and gray, as these colors can easily blend in with water, potentially concealing a child when submerged.

What Can Parents Do?

When selecting swimsuits for your kids, focus on color rather than style or design. The color and visibility of your children's swimsuits underwater could potentially be a life-saving factor! When buying swimwear, keep these important points in mind:

  • Look for bright and contrasting colors: neon yellow, green, orange, pink
  • Avoid colors that can easily blend in with water: white, blue, black, gray