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Myrtue Medical Center Achieves Re-Accreditation with ACHC

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  • Written By: Cydney Shriver
Myrtue Medical Center Achieves Re-Accreditation with ACHC

December 27, 2023
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Janelle Sorfonden



HARLAN, IA, Myrtue Medical Center (MMC) proudly announces it has achieved re-accreditation through the Accreditation Commission for Health Care (ACHC) for the services of the Respiratory Therapy Sleep Lab. Accreditation by ACHC reflects an organization’s dedication and commitment to meeting standards that facilitate higher levels of performance and patient care.

Myrtue Medical Center’s Sleep Lab is a diagnostic center used to identify sleep disorders such as restless leg syndrome and obstructive and central sleep apnea disorders that prevent you from achieving restful and restorative sleep. It is important to take sleep disorders seriously because they can have a significant impact on your overall health and well-being. If you are experiencing symptoms of daytime sleepiness or other sleep-related issues, talk to your doctor about the possibility of taking the Epworth Sleepiness Scale (ESS) or other screening tests. By identifying and treating sleep disorders early on, you can improve your quality of life and reduce your risk of developing other health problems.

“The 2023 ACHC accreditation achievement is a reflection and testament to our sleep lab’s high-quality care and service,” stated John Petsche, BA, RRT, Director of Respiratory Therapy. “Myrtue Medical Center’s sleep lab has a 95% customer satisfaction rating and a 98% scoring accuracy by the American Academy of Sleep Medicine in providing the highest standard of care to our patients.”

Dr. Brian Anderson is our sleep lab’s medical director and Susan Erlbacher is our respiratory therapist certified in sleep testing. John Petsche is the Director of Respiratory Therapy and oversees the lab’s function and operation.

Sleep Lab Room at MMC