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Myrtue Medical Center's Clinic Joins Cavity Free Iowa Initiative

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Myrtue Medical Center's Clinic Joins Cavity Free Iowa Initiative

Left to Right: nurse in the picture—each nurse has the provider listed:

Michelle Sorensen/Dr. Devine, Alissa Eck/Dr. Markham, Stephanie Staley/Dr. Heileson, Rose Jacobsen/Dr. Flores, Kristen Melanson/Sarah Mgonja DNP, Staci Meyer/Dr. Brian Anderson, Rya Klein/Dr. Brelje.

Myrtue Medical Center's Clinic is expanding its commitment to healthy children in Shelby County. As a new health service, clinic staff will now be applying fluoride varnish to our young patient’s teeth during regular well-child visits.

“Good oral health is a critical part of a child’s overall health,” said Chief Clinic Administrator Kim Burchett. “Cavities can be painful for a child, making it hard to focus on learning new skills at school and at home. Kids with cavities may also have difficulty eating food, which can impact their ability to grow.” Fluoride varnish is safe and easy to apply and when used early, can reduce cavities by 18-25 percent in children.

Myrtue Medical Center’s clinic partnered with their local I-Smile Coordinator and the Cavity Free Iowa initiative to offer fluoride varnish applications. The local I-Smile Coordinator provided oral health training for clinic staff and will assist families who need a dentist or help making a dental appointment.