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We are Prepared for Newborn Emergencies

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  • Written By: Cydney Anderson
We are Prepared for Newborn Emergencies

When one experiences the life altering event of finding out they are going to become a parent, there is a lot of excitement but there are also various amounts of “what-ifs” that run through their head. These thoughts and fears lead to looking for the best doctor, the best nurses and the best care one can possibly have for both mom and baby.

At Myrtue Medical Center’s Birthing Center, we have highly educated nurses and doctors and up-to-date equipment that will make you feel both safe and comfortable when delivering. Even though emergencies are always a possibility, you can prepare to welcome your little one fully aware we are capable of handling all your needs before, during, and after your baby has arrived.

OB/GYN Dr. Kelly Anderson, D.O., expresses the importance of building the doctor and patient relationship during prenatal care appointments. She states, “As an OB/GYN, I’m trained to identify potential problems before they happen, and this starts with each prenatal care appointment. By developing a relationship with my patients, I am able to become very familiar with their medical conditions, vitals, and labs. I’m also able to view the baby on ultrasound frequently. By having that background knowledge of my patients, I am able to identify an abnormality more quickly.”

Myrtue’s Birthing Center has over 15 nurses, one OB/GYN, four physicians that provide OB care, and one pediatrician. These professionals are highly trained and go through continuing medical education to ensure they are prepared for all situations. Their experience and education combined with up-to-date equipment, gives them the ability to handle each patient, and their unique birthing experience.

“Parents want a safe and supportive environment for their birthing experience,” said Birthing Center Director, Michele Monson, RNC-OB. “We believe in continually striving to enhance maternal and newborn care in Shelby County by educating staff with extensive training on new and current procedures and equipment.”

Continuing medical education is important for professionals in the healthcare field to provide the upmost care. Recently, the Birthing Center staff have completed the Neonatal Resuscitation Program (NRP) which is a series of emergency procedures performed by medical professionals to support newborn babies who are not breathing, are gasping, or have a weak heartbeat at birth. Birthing Center staff members go through the NRP program every two years and it is based on national standards of care. This means doctors and nurses in rural areas take the same classes as doctors and nurses in urban areas.

“This is a great class that keeps us up-to-date and refreshes our skills on caring for sick and well newborns,” said Dr. Brian Anderson, D.O. “Receiving the same education experiences as urban doctors also allows us to all work from the same playbook, so a mother and baby can receive the same care in our rural hospital as one would in the city.”

Dr. Brian Anderson also keeps up-to-date on his Advanced Life Support in Obstetrics (ALSO). He describes this certification as “a great training course that helps me refresh my skills dealing with all kinds of obstetrical emergencies, which we have seen here at one time or another.” This course, similar to NRP, gives Dr. Brian Anderson some additional knowledge and skill to make sure he can provide the moms and babies every opportunity for a good birthing outcome.

“Here at Myrtue, we use the latest equipment to monitor baby before and after it is born. These systems allow us to recognize if mom or baby is in distress and we can intervene quickly if needed,” exclaims Dr. Kelly Anderson, D.O., OB/GYN.

Examples of equipment in the Birthing Center Nursery include: Heated, Humidified High-flow Nasal Cannula (HHHFNC), Panda Infant Warmers, and Syringe Pumps. These are all tools used to provide additional care in necessary situations.

Many of the medical professionals who deal with delivering babies at Myrtue have been doing so for 15 to 20 years. Myrtue has a pediatrician on staff, Dr. Sarah Devine, M.D., and she is consulted if needed. We also have the ability to collaborate with Neonatologists at Children’s Hospital and Women’s Methodist who are available 24/7 as a resource when neonatal emergencies arise. These specialists understand the emergencies that arise in rural areas and are accustomed to helping manage these situations virtually.

Continuing medical education, Neonatologists to collaborate with, up-to-date equipment and combined with great teamwork and communication all express how prepared Myrtue Medical Center’s Birthing Center staff is when it comes to delivering your newest addition at this facility. You will receive the upmost one-on-one care in a comfortable and relaxing environment.

To schedule an appointment to tour the Birthing Center, or to ask any questions about what this team can do for you, you can contact Michele Monson, RNC-OB at 712.755.4299 or by email at You can also find information and FAQs on the Maternity Services webpage, just click here. Thank you for considering us for all your healthcare needs.