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ER Trauma Nursing Core Course

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Trauma Nursing Core Course | March 10th & 11th, 2021

During the week of March 8th, Emergency Department nurses at Myrtue Medical Center (MMC) participated in a two-day, hands-on Trauma Nursing Core Course (TNCC). This is an advanced class for registered nurses and is the premier trauma nursing course for nurses and hospitals worldwide. TNCC teaches nurses a systematic assessment approach to trauma patients by using a combination of lectures and hands-on skill stations. The nurses have to renew this certification every four years.

Emergency Department Manager, Jennifer Lefeber, BSN, states “TNCC benefits our ER team because it teaches rapid identification of life-threatening injuries, comprehensive assessment and enhanced interventions for better patient outcomes. Going through this course gives nurses the ability to rapidly and accurately assess the patient’s responses to a trauma event and helps them work as a partner to the medical staff by ensuring the best possible outcome for the patients and their families.”

This course is hosted twice a year at Myrtue Medical Center and other area hospitals, such as Crawford County and Jennie Edmondson Hospital, are invited to attend as well. “The fact that we are able to offer this class to both MMC nurses as well as our neighboring hospitals gives us all an opportunity to share and learn from each other by comparing our experiences and policies,” Lefeber exclaims.

Every medical education class that is performed within our facility is dedicated to improving the delivery of safe, effective and efficient healthcare close to home.

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