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OB Newborn Resuscitation Program

OB Newborn Resuscitation Program

Newborn Resuscitation Program | March 17, 2021

Continuing medical education is important for professionals in the healthcare field to provide the upmost care. The Birthing Center staff completed the Neonatal Resuscitation Program (NRP) on Wednesday, March 17th. Neonatal Resuscitation is a series of emergency procedures performed by medical professionals to support newborn babies who are not breathing, are gasping or have a weak heartbeat at birth.

Birthing Center staff members go through the NRP program every two years and is based on national standards of care. This means doctors and nurses in rural areas are trained like the doctors and nurses in urban areas.

Dr. Brian Anderson, D.O., exclaims, “This is a great class that keeps us up-to-date and refreshes our skills on caring for sick and well newborns. Receiving the same education experiences as urban doctors also allows us to all work from the same playbook, so a mother and baby can receive the same care in our rural hospital as one would in the city.”

Dr. Timothy Brelje, M.D., Michele Monson, RNC-OB, and Heather Bruck, RN, are three staff members who are certified to teach the NRP program here at Myrtue Medical Center. They teach multiple classes so there could be smaller groups of people learning at a time.

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