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Our Outstanding Experience with Myrtue's Birthing Center

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  • Written By: Amanda N. - Sarah K. - Rachel S.
Our Outstanding Experience with Myrtue's Birthing Center

“Three sisters tell their outstanding experience with Myrtue’s Birthing Center: All three sisters deliver within three month of one another—all babies were delivered by Dr. Brelje.”

Amanda Nelson

Dr. Brelje has been my doctor since I was 5 years old, so it was no question for us that he would be our doctor during both my pregnancies. I was blessed to have fairly easy pregnancies, but with even easy pregnancies, there are always fears and concerns. Dr. Brelje has always been great about answering questions and providing the reassurance that I needed throughout my pregnancy. Our experience with the Birthing Center at Myrtue was much the same. The nurses and staff in the birthing center were amazing and made our experience special, considering the circumstances that were created by this virus. We are so fortunate to have such an incredible facility and amazing people to help bring our beautiful babies into this world in our rural community.

Sarah Burnette

Myrtue Medical Center is a great place where their nurses and doctors are warm and welcoming and they know how to make the patients there comfortable and cared for. I have used Myrtue as my health care provider for 25 years. In fact, Dr. Brelje was my mother's OB doctor when she was pregnant with me and he was the one who delivered me. Twenty-one years after I was born, I had our first child, Carter Kell. Dr. Brelje was my doctor then as well. He was the one who delivered Carter and then 4 years later he delivered our second child, Isabelle Kell. We love Dr. Brelje and Nurse Rya so much! We always know when we have to come in for something that we are going to be taken care of and loved like we are family. As a mother, that is one of the best feelings to have and know that your children's health is in good hands. No matter what is wrong, your doctor is going to put the health of your children first. Thank you Dr. Brelje and Myrtue Medical Center for everything you do for the community and my family.

Rachel Skeen

Myrtue Medical Center provided the best experience and care throughout our pregnancy. The whole birthing center staff did a fabulous job at making us feel as comfortable and normal during such a strange and unique time like COVID. Dr. Brelje and Nurse Rya made both my husband and myself confident in our decision to come back to Myrtue when we moved back from Omaha. We were excited when we found out that all three of us sisters would be having Dr. Brelje and the Myrtue team delivering our sweet babies and it would be an experience we would cherish and remember forever.