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Myrtue Medical Center Achieves Pinnacle Level Status for Congestive Heart Failure Practice

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Myrtue Medical Center Achieves Pinnacle Level Status for Congestive Heart Failure Practice

Myrtue Medical Health Coaches, Alicia Madsen, Prudy Kloewer, and Jan HastertMyrtue Medical Center has received designation as a Pinnacle Level Practice through Compass PTN (Practice Transformation Network) for large-scale health transformation of clinical practices leading to improved patient outcomes. Specifically, a team of employees identified congestive heart failure as the number one diagnosis for hospital admissions and readmissions from the Emergency Department and took action. Collaboration among Myrtue Medical Center’s primary care clinics, the ER, discharge planning, medical coders, community health, specialty clinics and medical staff has resulted in a 5 percent decrease in congestive heart failure admissions and readmissions, combined.

Myrtue Medical Center is among only the top 5 percent of practices enrolled in the Compass PTN to receive the award. According to the Compass PTN, “Myrtue Medical Center has hardwired effective changes and identified best practices throughout their phase progression in the program which has allowed them to excel to the top 5 percent of enrolled practices. Myrtue Medical Center has merged person and family engagement into their practice which encourages the patient and their family to partner with the medical staff in their care. Not only is Myrtue Medical Center a recognized and awarded Pinnacle practice, but the story they tell is scalable and worth emulating.”

PTNs are peer-based learning networks designed to coach, mentor and assist clinicians in developing core competencies that are specific to practice transformation. The Compass Practice Transformation Network (Compass PTN) is a clinician-led, patient-focused partnership of over 7,000 clinicians across Georgia, Iowa, Kansas, Nebraska, North Dakota, Oklahoma, South Dakota and Wisconsin, committed to transforming primary and specialty care practices in order to achieve better care, smarter spending and healthier people.