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Myrtue Medical Center Receives Grand Prize in Healthcare Safety

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Myrtue Medical Center Receives Grand Prize in Healthcare Safety

Outstanding work in Myrtue Medical Center garnered the Patient Safety Grand Prize award. The 2016 Iowa Healthcare Collaborative (IHC) Patient Safety Awards were recently announced and will be featured at the statewide Patient Safety Conference.

This award is presented to healthcare providers and/or healthcare organizations who have demonstrated outstanding leadership and achievement in patient safety. The Patient Safety Award aims to raise the standard of healthcare in Iowa by promoting a culture of continuous improvement in quality, safety, and value.

This award honors patient safety champions that support the following initiatives: improve patient safety; reduce the risk of harm; and keep patients at the center of care.

The passionate team developed a multi-angle approach to safety. Interventions ranged from simple changes, such as updating labeling on medications to TaLLman lettering, to more involved changes, like a new high-alert medications monitoring system integrated into electronic documentation. Myrtue Medical Center amended the medication administration policy by requiring documentation of practitioners’ notification date and time in the medical record; a tubing misconnection prevention labeling system; and reevaluation of “rights,” which were posted on the floors. Through these outstanding interventions and implementation by healthcare providers, the number of medication errors reaching patients were reduced by 84% in eight months from November 14, 2014, to July 15, 2015.

“We’re very proud of the work being done in Iowa,” said Dr. Tom Evans, President and CEO of IHC. “Patient safety is about eliminating unintended consequences of medical care. This award allows us to highlight some of the best efforts in our state as we work toward our vision of delivering the most effective and efficient healthcare in the nation.”

Five categorical award recipients were also announced:

  1. CHI Health Mercy Council Bluffs (Person and Family Engagement Award)
  2. Community Memorial hospital, Sumner (Hospital Acquired Conditions Award)
  3. Great River Medical Center, West Burlington (Healthcare-associated Infections
  4. Award)
  5. Mercy Medical Center Sioux City (Improving Culture of Safety/Safety Across the
  6. Board)
  7. Regional Medical Center, Manchester (Care Transitions)

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