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Time for Influenza Vaccine

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Time for Influenza Vaccine

Myrtue Medical Center’s Department of Public Health reminds all residents that it is time to prepare for the upcoming influenza season by being vaccinated. Influenza is a contagious disease that can lead to serious illness, including pneumonia. Even healthy people can get sick enough to miss work or school for a significant amount of time or even need hospital care. An annual flu vaccine is recommended for everyone six months of age and older. Pregnant women, young children, older people and people with certain chronic medical conditions like asthma, diabetes and heart disease are at an increased risk of serious flu-related complications. Getting a yearly influenza shot is particularly important for these vulnerable people. Additionally, influenza vaccine has been associated with lower rates of cardiac events among people with heart disease.

While the timing of influenza season is unpredictable, seasonal activity usually begins in late fall and winter and can last as late as May. Timing of the flu vaccine is important to make sure you are protected before influenza viruses start to spread in the community and throughout influenza season. It takes about two weeks after vaccination for immunity to develop, making late September or October a great time to get the influenza vaccine.

Public Health nurses will provide influenza clinics throughout Shelby County so all residents have access to influenza vaccine. Clinics will be held at a variety of times and dates throughout the fall, including two Ayzlee Clinics (clinics held in Elk Horn and Harlan) and a mass vaccination clinic at Veteran’s Auditorium in Harlan on October 15th. These evening or weekend clinics help anyone, including working adults and their families, make time to get immunized and fight the flu!

There are so many healthy reasons to be immunized! Please schedule your influenza vaccine at or call Public Health at 712.755.4422. We have several vaccines that help meet your individual needs based on your age, risk factors, and immunization preferences.