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Top Notch Birthing Center

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Top Notch Birthing Center

Our experience with the OB department at Harlan Myrtue Medical Center exceeded any expectations we had. Dr. Heileson is an amazing doctor and truly cared about the best interest of myself and our sweet baby, Ashlynn. I tried to do VBAC, got induced the morning of January 22, but once the afternoon came, I didn't make any progress. I got pretty emotional, but Heileson did not push me to make any decision that I didn't feel comfortable with and sat by my bedside and talked out options with me. I am beyond amazed with how much he cares about his patients needs and listens to them!

I was very nervous about having another cesarean, but the doctors and nurses/anesthesiologists in the OR, helped me relax and were so kind to me, to the point, where one of them wiped my tears away! They even made me laugh a couple times, which made me realize how everyone is there to help YOU and make your experience the best they can!

Before and after the birth of our daughter, the staff in the OB are, hands down, the best! Every nurse (Lanette, Caiti, Megan, Michelle, Heather, Gina, and Macie was exceptionally nice and friendly and ALWAYS made sure we had everything we needed. They were very gently and took excellent care of our daughter! We also have a 4 year old, Lillianna, and they would take time and talk to her and answer all her questions, cause 4 year olds sure have a lot of questions.

Overall, we did not want to leave the hospital that Saturday, because that is how much we loved our stay there. We are beyond pleased with our treatment, care and stay at Myrtue. We are beyond grateful for everything you did and will continue to do for our family!

Thank you again,

Dirk, Ashley, Lillianna, Ashlynn