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Christopher Miller, PA-C

About Christopher

Christopher Miller, PA-C, has been a Neurosurgical Physician Assistant with MD West ONE, formerly known as Midwest Neurosurgery, since 2015.  He completed his Physician Assistant training at the Wake Forest University School of Medicine in Winston-Salem, NC. 

Chris has been practicing medicine since 2006; he has experience in primary care, emergency medicine, general surgery, anesthesia evaluations, and neurosurgery. Neurosurgery has given Chris the best opportunity to work with patients in the clinic and hospital setting; he has also had the opportunity to be more hands-on in the operating room. 

As a Physician Assistant, Chris has the ability to help patients in their times of need by answering questions regarding their condition(s), concerns about signs/symptoms, or after surgical care. He enjoys educating his patients on their neurosurgical conditions.  Chris and Dr. Guy Music always do what is best for their patients, whether it requires surgery or other forms of treatment.  

When Chris, PA-C, is not working, he enjoys spending time with his family and watching his children participate in sports or activities. Chris, PA-C, also enjoys working with his Church in various charitable endeavors. 

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