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Shelby County Teen Health Fair Promotes Healthy Lifestyles

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Shelby County Teen Health Fair Promotes Healthy Lifestyles

Myrtue Medical Center’s Department of Public Health, in collaboration with the Shelby County Wellness Alliance, Harlan Community Schools, and the Shelby County Prevent Child Abuse Council, is sponsoring a Teen Health Fair on Wednesday, December 8, 2021, from 3:30 p.m. to 6 p.m. at the Petersen Family Wellness Center.

This FREE event is designed to help promote healthy lifestyle choices for teens. Twenty booths and activities will be set up to provide information on teen health, safety and overall well-being. Parents are welcome.

Transportation to the Teen Health Fair will be provided by the Harlan Community School District between the Harlan Community Middle School and the Petersen Family Wellness Center with parent permission. Parents will need to arrange transportation for their child after the event.

Pizza will be provided at the event along with healthy snacks at the Eat Well and Harlan Community School booths. Pending completion of pool repairs and enhancements, teens will be able to swim following their participation at the Teen Health Fair.

“Teens and their parents can experience a variety of educational booths and activities which promotes healthy lifestyles and connects teens to community resources that promote health and well-being,” Public Health Director, Lori Hoch stated. “The 2021 Teen Health Fair has a renewed emphasis on having fun, being active, and embracing healthy habits for life. We invite students from 8th-12th grade to engage with area health care professionals in exploring ways to become healthier and safer for now and well into their future.”

In addition to the 20 educational booths, there will be free food and prizes. All participants will receive a door prize and will be eligible for grand prizes. Each participant will receive a 32-ounce Hydroflask for attending. In addition, there are four dorm-sized refrigerators and 4 Nutriblend Smoothie makers that will be given away through grand prize drawings.

During the fair, teens can participate in activities such as:

  • Self-defense (Shelby County Sherriff’s Department)
  • Tai Kwando (Dr. Sarah Devine and Mary Petersen)
  • Indoor Fishing Tournament (Christina Roelofs)
  • Distracted Driving (Tina Holdsworth, Community Health Director)
  • Adolescent Health (Denise Suedkamp, ARNP)
  • Online Safety (Harlan Police Chief, Derrick Yamada)

Teens and parents will also receive information on:

  • ATV Safety (Myrtue Medical Center Emergency Department, Jenny Lefeber)
  • Fitness for Life (Myrtue Medical Center Physical Therapy Department)
  • Healthy relationships (HCCMS Family Healthcare, Cheryl Lahr)
  • Tobacco Abstinence and Vaping (New Opportunities, Nancy Rowedder)
  • Stress Management (Myrtue Medical Center’s Learning for Life Program)
  • Self-Care (Myrtue Medical Center’s Behavioral Health Department)
  • Nutritional Supplements (Myrtue Medical Center’s Pharmacy Director—Nancy Gau)
  • Healthy Eating (Harlan Community School’s Dietician—Ellen Rosman)
  • Healthy Snacking (Eat Well Subcommittee of the Shelby County Wellness Alliance)
  • Screen Time Tracking (Public Health Nurse, Cathy Buman)
  • Finding Reliable Information on the Internet—Harlan Public Library (Amanda Brewer)
  • Spiritual Health—Troy Renter-Shelby County Child Abuse Coalition
  • Oral Health—HCCMS Family Health Services Dental Hygienist-Jenn Macke
  • Fun and Games—Prize Booth—MMC Community Health Office Manager—Julie Harryman.

For more information about this event, please call Myrtue Medical Center’s Public Health Department at 712.755.4422.