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COVID-19 Vaccination Updates

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Vaccination Information

Please refer to the Iowa Department of Public Health-COVID-19 in Iowa website for current COVID-19 statistics:

COVID-19 Boost Dose Information

October 24, 2021

Myrtue Medical Center Offers Boost Dose Clinic for Eligible Shelby County Residents

The FDA has amended the Emergency Use Authorizations to allow the booster dose of Moderna and Johnson and Johnson (Janssen) COVID-19 vaccines. Myrtue Medical Center’s Department of Public Health is offering a COVID-19 vaccine boost dose clinic on Wednesday, October 27th from 9 AM to 3 PM at Veteran’s Auditorium. Please review eligibility closely to determine if you qualify for a COVID-19 vaccine boost dose.

Eligibility Criteria for Moderna and Pfizer COVID-19 Boost Dose Vaccine

  • People 65 years of age and older
  • People 18 years of age and older who reside in long-term care settings
  • People age 18 years and older with underlying medical conditions
  • People aged 18 years of age and older who work or live in high-risk settings
  • MUST be at least 6 months from second dose of their primary series.

Defining Eligibility Criteria for Moderna and Pfizer COVID-19 Boost Dose Vaccine

    • Underlying Medical Conditions: Examples include cancer, chronic kidney, liver, or lung conditions, overweight, history of smoking, HIV infection, dementia or other neurological conditions, diabetes, Down’s syndrome, heart conditions, sickle cell, solid organ or stem cell transplant, pregnancy, mental health conditions, tuberculosis, or substance abuse disorders.
    • High Risk Settings-Healthcare workers, first responders, firefighters, police, congregate care staff, education staff, childcare staff, food and agricultural workers, manufacturing, corrections workers, United States Postal Service workers, public transit, and grocery store workers.
    • Long term care settings—examples include: Nursing homes, intermediate care facilities, assisted living facilities, senior housing, housing for people with intellectual or physical disabilities, group homes, congregate day programs, and/or inpatient substance abuse settings.

Eligibility Criteria for Johnson and Johnson COVID-19 Boost Dose Vaccine

  • Age 18 years of age and older
  • Must be at least 2 months from the initial single dose primary series.

Mix and Match Authorization

The FDA amended Emergency Use Authorization for COVID-19 vaccines to allow for the use of each of the available COVID-19 vaccines as a mix-and match booster dose in eligible individuals following completion of a primary vaccination with a different available COVID-19 vaccine. A mix and match approach is only allowable for the booster dose only—not as part of a primary series. This means that you will be able to choose the vaccine you want as your boost dose or may do so in consultation with your healthcare provider prior to the clinic.

Preparing for Myrtue Medical Center’s Boost Dose Clinic

  1. You will need to sign up on Myrtue Medical Center’s website at to schedule your appointment. If you need assistance, please call Public Health at 712.755.4422. Many people will be eligible to receive the boost dose. If there is a need for an additional clinic, we will provide public notice through newspaper, radio, and social media messaging.
  2. Bring your COVID-19 vaccine card to the clinic so we can verify that there is an appropriate interval between doses.
  3. You may print consents for the vaccine of your choice on Myrtue’s website, pick up a consent at Public Health, or complete your consent at the clinic. Emergency Use Authorization Sheets are available on the Myrtue Medical Center webpage and will be available at the clinic.
  4. Appropriate monitoring post-vaccination will still apply; this is 15 minutes for most individuals.
  5. If you have been recently diagnosed or exposed to COVID-19, please wait until you have met isolation and quarantine criteria before receiving a boost dose.
  6. Please wait 90 days if you have had a monoclonal antibody treatment before receiving a boost dose.
  7. If you are ill, please wait to receive a boost dose.

Public Health follows the Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices to ensure you receive vaccine that meets standards for storage, handling, preparing, administering, and monitoring to ensure a safe and effective vaccine for all you. If you have questions regarding the clinic or your specific eligibility, you may call Public Health at 712.755.4422 for further information.

Updated Visitor Information

Visitor Guidelines -For the safety of all patients, visitors and staff, please review the following temporary guidelines:

  • A mask must be worn at all times throughout the entire facility.
  • Only healthy visitors can visit patients.
  • Hand hygiene must be completed upon entering and exiting a patient room.
  • Guidelines can be reevaluated on a case-by-case basis.

All guidelines are subject to change without notice.

COVID-19 Information

July 27, 2021

3 things you should know about the delta variant:

The COVID-19 delta variant is spreading rapidly around the world, just as many people were beginning to feel hopeful that the pandemic was coming to an end. Despite the spread of this new, more contagious strain, there’s still room for cautious optimism that we can halt the spread.

Here are three important things you will want to know about this strain:

1. Viruses constantly change when they spread from person-to-person and new strains of a virus (called variants) are expected to occur.

  • Many COVID-19 variants have been found in the United States and globally during this pandemic.
  • Some variants are found and then they disappear quickly. Other times, new variants stick around and spread more commonly. This may occur because the variant is passed from person-to-person more easily, resistant to existing treatments, or resistant to existing vaccines.

2. The Delta variant (B.1.617.2) is currently the most common COVID-19 virus strain circulating around in the US, the region, and in Iowa.

  • The Delta variant was originally found in India in December 2020 and was first seen in the US in March 2021.
  • The Delta variant spreads more easily than other variants and that is why COVID-19 cases are increasing in the US and in Iowa.
  • The CDC indicates that the currently available vaccines are effective against the Delta variant.

For those who get an mRNA vaccine, the second dose of vaccine provides a higher level of protection so it is important that people get both doses.

3. People who have not been fully vaccinated against COVID-19 are most at risk of getting, being hospitalized for, and dying from COVID-19.

  • Thebest way to stop the spread of the of all COVID-19 virus strains, including the Delta variant, is for unvaccinated people to get vaccinated.
  • If the COVID-19 virus strains continue to spread from person-to-person, new variants will continue to occur. COVID-19 vaccines are effective against the variants that are currently circulating, so all eligible people are urged to get vaccinated as soon as possible. Getting vaccinated protects against the current virus strains and decreases the chances of a vaccine-resistant variant developing in the future.
Press Releases regarding the Vaccination

March 29, 2021

Mass Vaccination Clinic Being Offered on April 9th and April 10th in Harlan

On Friday and Saturday, April 9th and 10th, Myrtue Medical Center’s Public Health will host a mass COVID-19 Pfizer vaccination clinic with 1,170 doses available. Community Pharmacy Enhanced Services Network (CPESN) helps support community efforts to vaccinate communities across Iowa. The CPESN network includes Rex Pharmacy and Pexton Pharmacy. Rex and Pexton Pharmacies are helping supply the vaccine for the Myrtue Medical Center mass vaccination clinics scheduled for April 9-10.

“With all Iowans being eligible to get the COVID-19 vaccine beginning April 5, the timing of this mass vaccination clinic couldn’t be better,” said Lori Hoch, Myrtue’s Public Health Director. “Distribution will be for everyone who is 16 years of age and older.”

“Myrtue Medical Center’s hospital staff, Shelby County Emergency Management Agency, the Harlan Fire Department, and the Harlan Police Department are helping to staff this clinic, including checking in, educating, vaccinating, and monitoring patients,” said Hoch.

The Prime (first) doses will be given on Friday, April 9th, or Saturday, April 10th, with the Boost (second) dose scheduled for Friday, April 30th, or Saturday, May 1. By mid-May, mass vaccination clinic recipients will be fully vaccinated and ready for summer.

Vaccination clinics will be located at the Veteran’s Auditorium, 1104 Morningview Drive, Harlan. The time on Friday, April 9th, will be 1:30 – 6:00 PM. The time on Saturday, April 10th, will be 8:00 AM – 12:00 PM.

Vaccine appointments for this event will be scheduled by going to:

  1. Myrtue Medical Center’s website:
  2. Click on the red banner at the top of the site “Schedule Your COVID-19 Vaccination”
  3. “Click here to schedule your COVID-19 vaccination appointment”
  4. Find “1-COVID Vaccine: Open to everyone 16 years of age and older Vaccination Clinic”—click on this and follow the directions

The link will become active on Tuesday, March 30th at 8 am to schedule your appointment. You may also visit the Myrtue Medical Center’s social media pages (Facebook, Twitter and Instagram) for the same appointment link.

Please bring your insurance card and your identification to your appointment. COVID-19 vaccinations are free of charge but you’ll be asked if you have health insurance with a private provider, Medicare or Medicaid because your insurance can be billed for the cost of administering the shot. However, you will not receive a bill. In addition, print out the Pfizer consent form and review the Pfizer Emergency Use Authorization (EUA) Fact Sheet on

If you are over age 65 and need scheduling assistance, please call 712-755-4422. Your patience is appreciated as appointments fill quickly.

Please share this information with family and friends who may not have internet access. If you are unable to keep a scheduled appointment, please remember to cancel so that other individuals can take advantage of this opportunity.

March 5, 2021

(Des Moines, IA) Effective Monday, March 8, Iowa vaccine providers can officially begin vaccinating additional priority populations. Individuals 64 years of age and younger with medical conditions that are or may be an increased risk of severe illness from COVID-19 are now eligible. See Center for Disease Control’s (CDC) recommendations for those conditions here.

If you are in this priority group, Click here to schedule your COVID-19 vaccination appointment.

This announcement comes as several Iowa counties have reported they are nearing completion for vaccinating previous priority population groups. Some counties and vaccine providers will remain focused on previous priority populations until they are closer to completion.
Because vaccine production has not fully met the demand for vaccine, Iowans will need to remain patient as vaccine production increases. The White House announced this week that by the end of May, there will be enough vaccine for anyone over the age of 16 who chooses to receive one.
At this time, the 211 Call Center is still only for Iowans age 65 and older who need assistance scheduling an appointment and don’t have access to the technology to do so.
It’s critical to continue practicing the mitigation measures that can slow the spread of the COVID-19 virus. Vaccinated Iowans should continue these precautions as we are still learning whether getting a vaccine will prevent you from spreading the virus that causes COVID-19 to other people, even if you don’t get sick yourself.
• Wear a mask or face covering
• Practice social distancing with those outside your household
• Clean your hands frequently with soap and water
• Stay home if you feel sick
• Get tested if you are exposed to, or have symptoms of COVID-19
• Get a COVID-19 vaccine when you are eligible

February 3, 2021 COVID-19 Vaccine Alert

Today, the Iowa Department of Public Health announced CVS and Walgreens in several Iowa counties will have a limited number of doses available to individuals age 65 and older. This one time allotment of doses is left over from the Long-Term Care Pharmacy Partnership program.

To view available appointments, please see below:

  • CVS: Register online here starting February 4, at 8:00 a.m. Those without online access can contact customer service at (800) 746‐7287 for assistance with scheduling an appointment. View the registration guide here.
  • Walgreens: Register online here starting February 3. View the registration guide here.

Vaccine supply is extremely limited. We ask our community to be patient as we all work to vaccinate as many individuals as possible given the vaccine availability. Currently, demand for vaccine far exceeds the supply.

January 21, 2021


Iowa is expanding Phase 1B to include Iowans age 65 and over.

On January 21st, we received notice from Iowa Department of Public Health (IDPH) that 65 year-old people will be eligible for Phase 1B vaccine. Myrtue’s Public Health currently has 524 reservations for the 75 and older population and we will honor their reservations first. Anyone over 65 years of age and older that calls on or after 1.21.2021 to reserve a vaccine, will be added to the list based on when the request was received. Please keep in mind that the vaccine supply remains very limited and it will take some time to get everyone in Phase 1B vaccinated at current vaccine allocation rates.

Please call 712.755.4406 to reserve your slot if you are 65 and older or are an essential frontline worker as identified in the Phase 1B infographic. You may also email us at (this email will be active until 3.10. 2021) and provide your name, phone number, date of birth, your address, and your eligibility criteria. We will continue to take reservations through 1.29.2021. The phone lines will be covered from 8 am to 4 pm.

We are subject to Iowa Department of Public Health changes and vaccine allocations and are adjusting accordingly. Unfortunately, the supply did not increase with the expansion of the Phase 1B population. We ask for your patience as we work through this extensive Phase 1B population—both by age and frontline essential workers.

    Phase 1B Priority Populations--UPDATED 1/21/2021

    Persons aged 65 years and over. OR, the following populations vulnerable to high risk of exposure or severity of illness (listed in order of priority):

    Tier 1

    • First Responders
    • PK-12 staff, early childhood education, childcare workers

    Tier 2

    • Frontline essential workers in food, agriculture, and manufacturing sectors who live or work in non-social distanced settings
    • Individuals with disabilities living in home settings and their direct care staff

    Tier 3

    • Staff and individuals living in congregate settings not covered by previous Phase or Tier
    • Government officials, including staff, engaged in business at the State Capitol

    Tier 4

    • Inspectors responsible for health, life and safety

    Tier 5

    • Correctional facility staff and individuals incarcerated

    What number do I call to reserve my spot?

    Community members who meet Phase 1B criteria can call Public Health at the following number:

    • 712.755.4406
    • Or email Public Health at: (this email will be active until 3.. Please include your name, date of birth, address, phone number and essential worker designation in the email.

    If you are age 75 and older and already called to put your name on this, you DO NOT need to call again. Your name will stay on this list.

    January 13, 2021

    COVID-19 Vaccine Update on Phase 1B Priority Group:

    The Iowa Department of Public Health (IDPH) released guidelines for COVID-19 vaccine priority populations for Phase 1B. These guidelines are based on recommendations from the Iowa Disease Advisory Council (IDAC) and Iowa Department of Public Health. Myrtue's Public Health will start taking phone calls to reserve your spot. Myrtue will notify you when we have vaccine available for you. Wen we receive our allotment of vaccine, Myrtue's Public Health will call you and set-up a time to schedule your vaccine.

    Who is included in 1B Priority Group:

    1B Priority Population Group Includes (more listed in the press release attached above "Press Release Regarding the Vaccination"):

    • People 75 and older
    • Individuals with disabilities living in home settings whom are dependent on attendant care staff
    • PK-12 school staff, early childhood education and childcare workers
    • First responders including firefighters and police officers
    • Additional groups are listed in the above Press Releases

    What number do I call to reserve my spot?

    Community members who meet Phase 1B criteria can call Public Health at the following number:

    • 712.755.4406 (main)
    • 712.755.4596 (alternate)
    • 712.755.4350 (alternate) OR
    • Email Public Health at: Please include your name, date of birth, address, phone number and essential worker designation in the email.

    When Will I Receive a Vaccine?

    Even though you may reserve your spot, vaccination will not be scheduled until vaccine supply is received. You will be notified at that time. We are anticipating Phase 1B vaccinations will begin on or about February 1st.

    Each state has a unique distribution plan. Learn more about IDPH vaccination plan:

    COVID-19 Information

    When to Seek Care

    Are you experiencing any of the following COVID-19 symptoms: fever, chills, cough, shortness of breath or difficulty breathing, muscle pain, sore throat, new loss of taste or smell?

    • Before visiting PLEASE CALL 712-755-5130 to talk to a nurse.
    • If you think you may have the Coronavirus (COVID-19), DO NOT go directly to the ER, hospital or doctor's office. Call first. Our healthcare providers will evaluate your symptoms and explain your best course of action.
    • Do not go to work, school or social gatherings if you have symptoms.

    Routine Appointments, Check-ups, Screenings and Immunizations

    Maintaining appointments and seeking care is critical for all healthcare conditions, especially those conditions such as diabetes, asthma, heart disease, hypertension, and lung disease. It is also important to keep well-child visits and make sure childhood immunizations are up-to-date and delivered on time.

    Virtual appointments are available for various types of visits in the Rural Health Clinic for safety and convenience from their home or anywhere using a computer or mobile device. Telehealth visits allow you to have a medical consultation with a healthcare provider using live video chat from the comfort of your home.

    What You Need to Know

    Myrtue Medical Center is following guidance from the CDC and has put a number of measures in place to ensure the safety of patients and employees.

    • Employees are required to take their temperatures before and after their shifts
    • Increased cleaning practices
    • Masking of employees, patients and visitors
    • Social distancing
    • Additional hand hygiene stations
    • Limited entrances
    • Visitor limitations

    Visitor Guidelines -For the safety of all patients, visitors and staff, please review the following temporary guidelines:

    • All visitors must be screened at the entrances and display a green check mark sticker visible to staff.
    • A mask must be worn at all times throughout the entire facility.
    • Only one healthy adult visitor per patient stay, multiple visitors will not be allowed.
    • If a patient is pending COVID-19 test results or is confirmed COVID-19 positive, NO visitors will be allowed.
    • Hand hygiene must be completed upon entering and exiting a patient room.
    • Guidelines can be reevaluated on a case-by-case basis for hospice/end of life patients and patients under the age of 18.

    Limited Entrances - Myrtue is limiting the access points that patients and visitors can use to enter our buildings. This is to ensure that everyone who enters our buildings has been screened.

    • Main Clinic Entrance—1220 Chatburn Avenue, Harlan
      • Monday – Thursday – 6:30 AM–8:00 PM
      • Friday - 6:30 AM–6:00 PM
      • Saturday – 6:30 AM–12:00 PM
    • Emergency Room—1213 Garfield Avenue, Harlan
      • 24 hours – 7 days a week

    Screening Questions - At these two entrances, screening questions will be asked of each person entering the facility. The screening questions include:

    • Do you have a cough, shortness of breath or difficulty breathing?
    • Do you have at least two of these symptoms - fever, chills, repeated shaking with chills, muscle pain, headache, sore throat or new loss of taste or smell?
    • Do you live with someone who has symptoms of COVID-19 or who has tested positive for COVID-19?

    Testing Cost -If you do not meet the Iowa Department of Public Health criteria for COVID-19 testing at the State Hygienic Lab, the cash price for a COVID-19 test administered upon the direction of your practitioner is $195.00. The price for a Serology IgG (antibody) test is $67.00.

    Reminders and Additional Resources

    Everyday prevention methods are very important:

    • Wash your hands frequently.
    • Stay home if you are ill.
    • Cover coughs and sneezes with a tissue, then throw tissue in the trash.
    • Keep children home when they are sick.
    • Avoid close contact with people who are sick.
    • Routinely clean frequently touched surfaces (e.g., doorknobs, light switches, countertops) with the cleaners typically used. Use all cleaning products according to the directions on the label.

    Use credible sources for information:

    For more information you can visit our news section here