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Myrtue Medical Center is here for your Healthcare Needs - It is Safe to Receive Care

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Myrtue Medical Center is here for your Healthcare Needs - It is Safe to Receive Care

Over the past several months, we have experienced unprecedented times of change with COVID-19. Now, the coronavirus conversation shifts to reopening society, and looking ahead to what the “new normal” may look like. With this in mind, it is time to check in with your own health—something that you may have been putting off the last several months as some healthcare needs were postponed or avoided because of the pandemic.

“Medical care should not wait. Maintaining appointments and seeking care is critical for those who have conditions such as diabetes, asthma, heart disease, hypertension and lung disease,” said Dr. Scott Markham, Myrtue Primary Care Physician. “If chronic conditions are left untreated for a period of time, it may be difficult to stabilize those conditions and bring symptoms back under control.”

One of the best ways to stay on top of your overall wellness is to continue to have your annual screening mammogram. If you have delayed your preventive screening due to COVID-19 concerns, please call our scheduling department to get yours set up. There may be conditions that aren’t being discovered. “If we delay diagnosing a breast cancer, it could be found at an advanced stage. When it is more advanced, it is harder to treat,” said Keri Sonderman, Director of Diagnostic Imaging.

As we can’t predict how long this pandemic will last, it is best not to wait, potentially missing or delaying the diagnosis of a health concern or chronic disease.

Keep up with child immunizations

Since the onset of the pandemic, a significant drop in well-child visits has resulted in delays in vaccinations and delays in appropriate screenings. “Vaccines are so important to our children,” said Dr. Sarah Devine, Myrtue Internal Medicine Physician and Pediatrician. “We don’t want to see an outbreak of measles or other infectious disease in children. It is important to keep immunizations on time.”

Clinics are safe

The medical center is following guidance from the CDC and has put a number of measures in place to ensure the safety of patients and employees. We continue to ask screening questions to patients upon arrival for COVID-19 symptoms. Employees are taking temperatures before and after the workday. Additional measures include increased cleaning practices and all staff and visitors are wearing a mask.

Telehealth visits are an option

Myrtue Medical Center has continued to see patients both in the clinic and telehealth virtual appointments. In response to COVID-19, virtual appointments are available for various types of visits in the Rural Health Clinic for safety and convenience from their home or anywhere using a computer or mobile device. Telehealth visits allow you to have a medical consultation with a healthcare provider using live video chat from the comfort of your home. During virtual appointments, providers can prescribe or adjust medications, review test results, coordinate additional treatment options and assess whether further care is needed. If necessary, your provider can send a prescription order to the pharmacy of your choice. Visits are conducted through secure connections and your information is protected and confidential. In addition, the Behavioral Health Department has been offering virtual appointments with our Behavioral Health nurse practitioner and psychiatrist.

Your health is of the greatest importance to our care team at Myrtue. “As we move forward with our new normal, we want to make sure your well-being is supported and cared for,” said Dr. Markham. “Making decisions on seeking medical assistance should not be based on COVID-19. Myrtue is open and ready to help with all your healthcare needs.”